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My Name...


childhood ambition………be a fireman

fondest memory…………getting married in the woods

soundtrack……………"happy" by Pharrell Williams

retreat……………………the ocean

wildest dream……………publishing “dispatches from Hong Kong”

proudest moments………births of our children

biggest challenge………climbing kilimanjaro

alarm clock………………my body

perfect day…… coffee, sweat, the perfect lead, dinner out, sleep

first job…………………messenger boy for an architectural firm


last purchase……………tennis racquet

favorite movie…………"the big lebowski"

inspiration……………...pen and paper

my life………………is the sum of its parts.

my card ……………is Visa.

Articles and Scripts-
“Redeveloping East Liberty,” SHADY AVE, Spring 2006
“A Real Best-Seller,” SHADY AVE, Spring 2006
“Totally Booked,” SHADY AVE, Holiday 2005
Face to Face with the Tsunami,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 5, 2005
“Have Fun, Will Travel,” SHADY AVE, Fall 2004
“A Conversation with Princess Michael of Kent,” SHADY AVE, Spring 2004
 “Corridor to the East End,”  SHADY AVE, Summer 2003, 1600 words
“On not talking The Talk,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 2003
“Real Men Don’t Cook,” Forum, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 2002
“Mr. Mom, immobilized,” First Person, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 14, 2001
“Tips from Mr. Mom,” First Person, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 17, 2000
“When Dad is a ‘mom’,” Forum, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 20, 1999
“Business School Blues,” poem, Executive Report, October 1986
Weekly coverage of the County Commissioners for Aspen, Colorado for The   Aspen Journal, 1976-77
Weekly articles for college newspaper, The Trinity Tripod, 1975-76
“God’s Palette” series, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Standard Publishing, 2005
“Squash,” a chapter in “So Much To Remember, the Centennial History of The
Pittsburgh Golf Club,” 1996
“Fishes And Other Sea Creatures In Their Environments,” The Nature Company, 1995
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“Living Stones,” for Calvary Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh, PA, 2003
“Hopes and Dreams,” for the Russell Byers Charter School, Philadelphia, PA, 2003
“Carnegie Science Center,” Pittsburgh, PA, 2003
“Made in Hong Kong,” Hong Kong, 2005

On Not Talking the Talk


Very nice piece in today's P-G. I laughed out loud at the idea of blank DVD handed down from generation to generation. The description of the conversation in the car was wonderful. Keep up the good stuff. A joy to read.


Hey Mr. Stewart,
 I just wanted to tell you how much I liked your article in today's paper!  It was really funny!  I especially liked the parent-child dialogue.  I was really impressed with how well you captured the moment... (I can see myself giving exactly the same responses; especially the one about jumping out of the car!)  :)
See you at the pool!  <3 Mary

Hey, Charlie.
I absolutely loved the piece. There was a nuance to it that was incredibly charming. Jill Porter, Philadelphia Daily News


I really liked the article. I have a two boys, one going on 12. They are taught "family life" in school, and my older son's reaction after the first session was "Mom, please don't ever make me go through that again."

I'm sure my husband would buy the DVD.




Well whether you know it or not you are on your way to writing a very entertaining book. Keep the dispatches coming. They are great!


I love your dispatches, and am saving them in case I am to become  your agent and sell these as your first book.  Start reading the Dave Barry books when he was an expat in Tokyo.... very funny.


Peter just forwarded your 'something about Mary" story.  I am convinced that you have found your calling in writing and will find your fortune when you publish your year-in-China diaries.  Thanks so for making me smile.

You do know that you have a book in the making, don't you?  Your dispatches will certainly provide the necessary content for the book --- you are fantastic writer, and it is a joy to read your materials.  Keep it coming!

This is my second dispatch and I am loving hearing from you.
I laugh out loud and  my kids think I am crazy.

Oh Charlie...These are such wonderful anecdotes.  I don't even want a morning paper, just another episode in your life in Hong Kong!  I wish I had started to print them so I can have the whole collection to re-read.  Someone must still like "hard copy!"  Lots of love to you all.  Jean

Dear Charlie,
I just wanted you to know that it is indeed delightful to read your daily dispatches.  I sense a book in the making and a wonderful one it will be.  Thanks for sharing your experiences.
Love to you and your family,

This one is a favorite!  Starts my week off with laughter.

(If only my schoolbooks could have been written like your dispatches, I would have
learned a lot more and it might have STUCK!)

I hope you're going to publish all of these in a book.


Your Dispatches are well written, hilarious and greatly appreciated. You definitely have talent! I must admit I'm not to good at responding to all your dispatches but I am an avid reader.

Dear Charlie,

I hope that you know how thoroughly wonderful your Dispatches are.  I count on them, look forward to them and am passing them along to choice friends, all who savor the pleasure of reading them, as well.

Wonderful stuff!  Write on.


Wow!  Your CNY vacation beats the Cheech & Chong Summer Vacation by a longshot.
I hope you are going to compile all these dispatches into a book !  You are a truly gifted writer.


you are absolutely, totally, 100 % hilarious!! charlie...it seems as though you all have had at least three lifetimes worth of experiences already this year...how will you cope with coming back to good ol' usa? i am in awe of the amazing stories you tell...incredible!

Charlie...   Andy Rooney should be calling it quits sometime soon...  Have you given nay thought to doing a weekly "60 Minutes" stint??


Charlie...   Andy Rooney should be calling it quits sometime soon...  Have you given nay thought to doing a weekly "60 Minutes" stint??

Both Monica and I are really enjoying your writing and thinking.  Why don’t you write for the Times or New Yorker? 

Hong Kong article
I couldnt read the last part of your article becuase my eyes were filled with tears from missing hong kong and laughing so hard i cried. i love it.

  I think it's great, your going on to write -- hope you'll stay in your voice -- about your world --
                                it's what we'll all want to hear.



Great read!

I always enjoy your writing - it tickles me in just the right spot!

CHARLIE!!! What fun to be able to read about your fantastic year in Hong Kong on Christmas Day and thank you for submitting it!!! YOU really are a most relaxed, candid and delightful writer and I appreciate you spirit over and over again !!!! Happy HAPPY New Year to you, Franny and your three adorable teens, Sibby

I zeroed in on it as soon as I opened the paper and pointed it out to Tom.  I really miss your dispatches, but love having you home.  I think you should still send them.  You have a way of looking at things that is very enjoyable and you have a great writing style.  We all want to hear more.  Have you considered a novel?

LOVED the article, lots of fun, slightly different tone than all of your HK dispatches, but your writing definitely now has a style that is pure Charlie.  Connie

Brilliant, charming, poignant, graced with style and just the right bit of whimsy.  I enjoyed every morsel--or cow's eye--or word!


Tsunami article

Charlie:  There but for the grace of God...      What a story.  You captured
and conveyed it eloquently.  Your suggestion that this was a life altering experience is, I'm sure, a mild understatement.  You have always been an adventurer, but this is over the top.  I have been glued to the various networks for days, never imagining that we might actually know someone in or near harm's way.

I am in tears reading the story of your family's lives during the last days of 2004 .  I can not imagine what it must have been like to witness such a disastrous act of nature.  Your experience during this time will long be remembered. 



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